Tips and advice on what to bring for a holiday to Thailand.

How to Pack for a Holiday in Thailand

What should you bring to Thailand?

Depending on the type of person, packing for a trip to Thailand can be a hassle free experience where you’re packed and ready to go in ten minutes or you could be that person who’s panicking weeks in advance, packing and unpacking continuously until the day of departure, all the while having a packing meltdown.

Whichever category you fall into the following Thailand packing tips will hopefully make it that little bit easier for you to decide on what to pack, what to leave at home and erase any of your packing worries. But before we begin with the packing list, first of all, you will need something to pack everything into. Usually, this comes down to personal preference, ideally, if you are heading to a resort for two weeks and staying in the same place then a roller suitcase will be fine. But if you are travelling around Thailand visiting numerous places and catching different transport then a rucksack would be a more convenient option.

Whichever option you choose, make sure it’s sturdy, comfortable and well made, this is one item that’s worth investing in and not go cheap.

Another option to consider are packing cubes, these work with any type of luggage and will make you question yourself why you haven’t used these earlier. Packing cubes make it very easy to pack, unpack and organise your clothes, making it easier to find something quickly without having a pile of clothes on the floor.

So you’ve got your luggage and packing cubes, so now you want to know what you need to pack for a trip to Thailand. Speak to anyone who travels more than the average person and they will tell to lay out what you plan to take and then half it. Always pack less and if you do forget anything you can always buy it once in Thailand and usually for a lot less than you would back home, this is especially true for toiletries and T-shirts and dresses.

Clothes & Footwear

Thanks to Thailand’s warm climate you rarely have to worry about being cold, unless you are travelling through the hilly north where the mornings and evenings can become chilly. You can leave your cold weather clothes at home and just pack your warm weather gear, just include a light fleece and maybe a thin rain jacket for those unexpected showers.

Where possible always pack light weight and thin clothing, linen, light cotton or a quick dry material is favourite amongst travellers. It’s light so you don’t get as hot and sticky in the heat compared to if you was wearing polyester shirts, plus if you need to do washing it dries very quickly.

Another thing to consider when packing is that if you are planning to visit temples you must show respect by covering your shoulders and wearing long trousers or a long length dress.

As for shoes, you can leave those heavy boots or high heels at home, the footwear of choice in Thailand is the flip flop or sandal. A lightweight running trainer is also a popular choice and if your planning on doing some treks lightweight hiking shoes are the way to go.

Also remember many restaurants, temples and some shops require you to remove your shoes before entering, that’s why the flip-flop is the top choice due to the ease of removing quickly.

Toiletries & First Aid kit

Unless you are on medication prescribed by your doctor and need to carry tablets you can go easy on packing a first aid kit. Just pack the essentials such as sunscreen, pain relief and anti-diarrhoea tablets, a few plasters, mosquito repellent and hand sanitizer. Once in Thailand, you can buy anything you need in the local pharmacy, it may not be the same brand name your use to but it will still do the same job.

The same goes for toiletries, pack the basics and then if you run out you can top up and replace once in Thailand.

Electrics & Misc.

Travel Adapters – Before leaving to Thailand check to see if you need a travel adapter. The sockets in Thailand fit two kinds of plugs, the European 2 circular pins and the North American 2 flat blades. If you are from a country that doesn’t use these two types of plugs then you will need a travel adapter.

Camera – Thailand is a country where there is a photo opportunity around every corner, it may be an awesome sunset or a stunning temple, make sure you have a camera to hand so you can capture the moment and relive the memories from your trip to Thailand.

Other useful items to consider packing are…
USB memory stick
Small padlock
Waterproof bag

This is just a guide on what to pack for a trip to Thailand, what may be perfect for one person may not be ideal for the next. Just remember packing light is always better and more importantly enjoy your trip to Thailand.

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