Tips to help you prepare for a vacation in Thailand

Preparing for a trip to Thailand

Some tips on getting ready for your holiday in Thailand.

Travelling to a new country can be an exciting, but daunting experience, especially if you’re heading to a country like Thailand which has a completely different culture to your own country of residence.

But fear not, as long as you’ve done some basic research and preparations for your trip then the whole experience will be a lot more enjoyable. To help you on your way we’ve compiled a list of the top things to prepare before setting off on your adventure. ┬áThese will help you whether you are visiting Koh Chang or elsewhere in the Kingdom

Baggage Allowance

Your bags are packed and ready to go but have you checked the baggage allowance for the airline you’re flying with. It varies between each airline and even some routes so it’s always best to check while booking the flight than turning up at the airport and having to pay an excess baggage fee.

Low coast airlines often have no checked baggage allowance included and is always an extra cost, so be wary and double check before setting off. To avoid these extra cost you can always just take everything you need in hand luggage, with a bit of practice its very easy to do this.

Passport and Visas

Before leaving check your passport has at least six months left before the date of expiry and that you have enough page room for a visa stamp.

Talking of visas before you leave make sure you’re clued up on what the visa requirements are for the country you’re travelling to. Depending on your nationality some countries such as Thailand allows you to get a visa upon arrival while for others you’ve got to apply in advance.

Travel Insurance

Along with your passport and visa, travel insurance is a necessity when travelling abroad. There are hundreds of insurance companies out there vying for your business so make sure you choose wisely and that the insurance covers everything you need including any activities you plan to partake in such as scuba diving or bungee jumping. Remember cheapest doesn’t always mean better and make sure you read the small print.


When heading abroad to a new country the majority of people prefer to plan everything ahead and get accommodation booked up. While this is best practice on a two week holiday it’s not always the way to go for a longer period of time, especially if you’re moving around the country.

It’s always good to book the first couple nights accommodation just so it allows you time to settle into your new surroundings. But booking everything in advance may hinder your experience, you may really like one place and want to stay longer or completely hate it and want to leave asap. Not booking in advance gives it the freedom to pick and choose and also pick up some great last minute deals for accommodation. There are exceptions, it’s always best to book ahead during busy periods, such as Christmas and New Year.

Vaccines & First Aid

Before you set off on your trip abroad always check to see if you need any vaccines. Some countries you need vaccines to protect you against diseases such as typhoid or yellow fever and other places you don’t need any at all. Also take note as to what part of the country you are visiting as that can also make a difference to whether you require vaccines or not.

Another top tip is to always take a first aid kit with you and include basics such as paracetamol, plasters, alcohol wipes, rehydration sachets and Imodium or something similar for travellers belly.

Money, Money, Money!

You’ve saved hard and now it’s time to spend it, but what is the best way to manage your money while abroad? Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are accepted worldwide, all you need to remember before you set off is to let your bank know you’ll be using your card abroad so it doesn’t get blocked.

When it comes to cash it’s always better to wait until you’ve landed and left the airport before you exchange your money into the local currency. The rate you will get on the street will be more favourable than the airport and if you need cash straight away use the ATM in the airport to get cash at a better rate. ┬áCheck today’s exchange rates at Bangkok Bank.

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