Guide to the waterfalls on Koh Chang island, Thailand

Waterfalls on Koh Chang

Koh Chang is well known for it’s amazing waterfalls and there are plenty found around the island to see. Most waterfalls are easily accessable in Koh Chang and none are too far away, so the best way to visit is to rent a moped or car and start your way down the east side and round to the western side of the island.

Klong Phu Waterfall

The Klong Phu Waterfall can be reached from Klong Prao (45 mins by foot) or Kaibae (60 mins by foot) by main road along Klong Prao roughly 2 kilometers. Another 2 kilometers up a concrete road will lead you to the Marine Park Office where you will need to pay an entrance fee 200 BHT for foreigners and 20 BHT for locals. You can also stop for a bite to eat here with a few small restaurants to choose from. You will then need to walk 500m to the foot of the waterfall which are then about 20m high. There is also a pool beneath the falls which is ther perfect place to take a dip and cool off.

Kiri Phet Waterfall

The Kiriphet Waterfall is fairly small and located about 3 kilometers from the Fishing Village Salak Phet. It is a little tricky to reach especially if you wish to go to the further levels where you will need to take quite an adventurous pathway. People are advised to wear proper hiking shoes and take extreme caution as it gets quite wet and slippery especially in the rainy season. Going to the further levels is well worth it as you will be rewarded with a breath taking view over the Salak Phet bay area.

Klong Nung Waterfall

The Klong Nung Waterfall is the tallest of all the waterfalls on Koh Chang and stands 120m height. The path to the waterfall is fairly challenging to get to and takes about 1 hour to reach. The footpath isn’t very well marked and you will have to navigate through the river. Some people prefer to hire a guide to help them. It is well worth the effort though and you will be able to cool off in the waist eight pool when you get there. During dry season there is a lot less water here though.

Than Mayom Waterfall

The Than Mayom Waterfall is very easy to get to, which makes this waterfall one of the more popular amoung toursists. The waterfall can be reached from Tha Than Mayom or Ban Dan Mai on the east side of the island and you will find the entrance to the waterfall just behing the National Marine Park headquarters. You will need to pay an entrance fee of 200 BHT for adults and 100 BHT for children. If you pay the entance fee you will also be able to visit the Klong Plu waterfall using the same ticket, providing you go in the same day. You can park you car or motorbike at the headquarters for free or you can drive on another 150m and pay another 20 BHT at a closer parking area.

Following a well marked pathway you will need to walk about 200m and cross the river to reach the waterfall. Getting to this waterfall requires very little effort compared to others making it one of the most popular.

Klong Nonsi Waterfall

The Klong Nonsi Waterfall is situated at the northermost part of Koh Chang Island, close to the village of Dan Mai. If you follow the blue sign you will reach the parking area to the waterfall where you will need to pay a parking fee. 10 BHT for motorbikes and 30 BHT for cars. Entrance to the waterfall is free, so once you parked you can make your way along through the fruit orchards to the waterfall which takes about 15 minutes.